Cordology, a trio of musicians passionate about jazz

Éric Soum, Cordology guitarist

Éric Soum

Eric Soum fell into jazz when he was a child, and he has never ceased to navigate between all the currents, from jazz-rock to New Orleans, via be-bop, bossa nova, Latin Jazz and a repertoire firmly anchored in a robust and good-natured swing.

It is this last style that he develops mainly with the Cordology jazz trio, inspiring and leading the musicians in original ideas for songs, styles and arrangements.

With a state diploma in jazz and a diploma in guitar (Conservatoire de Montbéliard), his varied professional career has often been divided between teaching, composing, performing and concerts, all punctuated by CD recordings (10 albums under his name or as a sideman). Between Alsace and Franche-Comté, Eric Soum takes part in numerous projects around jazz and its derived music, through workshops, conferences, events, festivals that he creates and directs.

Within the jazz band Cordology, when he is not accompanied by a second guitarist (quartet package), this jazz purist plays both sides of the fence: swing rhythm and melody are superimposed on his jazz guitar, spiced up with inventive improvisations and mischievous touches!

Gilou Haggen Bass, Cordology double bass player

Gilou Haggen Bass

Gilou plays the double bass in the Cordology band. Well-versed in all styles and music, his swinging double bass plays a major role in his career as a musician.

Originally from Colmar, this seasoned self-taught musician trained at the best school, and has been very active in a long and varied career of musical experiences within numerous rock, variety or jazz orchestras, on bass or double bass.

With a long experience of stage and entertainment in Alsace and Franche-Comté, he follows the Cordology jazz band on the road, from Belfort to Besançon and from Mulhouse to Strasbourg, with his grandmother’s double bass comfortably wedged in the seats of the Twingo.

At each Cordology performance, Gilou makes the bass sound and run under his fingers with constancy, elegance, lightness and a smile. It is fair to say that Mr Haggen Bass is a real cream, he is cool but never leaves you cold.

Laurent Muller, Cordology violinist

Laurent Muller

Trained in classical music (Colmar Conservatory), Laurent Muller then explored jazz through the gypsy swing repertoire.

Laurent Muller has occasionally played with Yorgui Loeffler or Mito Loeffler during concerts, or collaborated with Francky Reinhardt. In 2005, he created his first string quartet in Strasbourg, which he led in concerts, events, private parties and weddings in Alsace, Franche-Comté and the Grand Est.

With the musicians of Cordology, the music becomes more intimate, the swing more universal. In alchemy with his two companions, the experiences diversify. While claiming a traditional swing niche with many standards engraved in marble, the incursions in the french variety and the allusions to the classical music or “light music” match the taste of the public, as much in company parties as in concert.

All these experiences have only one goal: music, music with a passion which he so wants to share with others.