Cordology: a jazz band for an elegant musical entertainment of your events and concerts

The Cordology jazz band was formed with quality and elegance in mind, while offering musical entertainment at affordable prices. We are a string jazz band and we will travel anywhere in Alsace, Burgundy, Franche-Comté and the rest of France but also in Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

What are our musical styles?

Our music is all about jazz:

American jazz from the 1950s

We play instrumental versions of songs from the repertoire of great jazzmen and jazzwomen such as Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra or Stéphane Grappelli, to give you a lively and catchy vintage jazz.

Jazz manouche

Thanks to the guitars, double bass and violin, typical instruments of the so-called “manouche” jazz, invented by the guitarist Django Reinhardt, numerous incursions are also made into this particularly authentic, festive and rhythmic music.

Bossa nova

Everyone is under the spell of this gentle, intimate Brazilian music in which the acoustic guitar is king. Syncopated rhythms, brushed strings: the refined, lounge atmosphere is guaranteed.

Music from the East

The string orchestra, by its composition, allows once again to play on various registers. This time it is the violin that brings to life the romantic colours of the romances or dances of the Eastern countries.

Popular repertoire

You will hear tunes that remind you of moments in your life. These tunes from song and film culture are embedded in our memories. These melodies sing in our heads. We cover them in instrumental version: eternal songs by Charles Trénet, Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg or Alain Souchon…

For which events and celebrations does the Cordology jazz band perform?

Our long experience of various services as a jazz orchestra formed since 2005 meets all types of demand: musical entertainment for private parties, wedding cocktails, company dinners, entertainment for religious and secular wedding ceremonies, jazz concerts in the Grand Est, Burgundy, Franche-Comté and also in Germany, in Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Whether for a family or professional event, music opens the mind, relaxes the atmosphere and brightens the moment. You show your guests your intention to please them and share an authentic moment by calling on real musicians and real instruments, and not a pre-programmed playlist. You will please your loved ones and friends!

A professionally provided musical atmosphere is a key point for the success of your event. Don’t neglect this aspect of your party, your guests will still be talking about it for a long time!

Discover the multiple offers adapted for individuals or companies, on the occasion of private parties or any cultural event.

The Cordology jazz band
Where the Cordology jazz band makes the difference

How does Cordology stand out from other jazz bands?

A group of full-time musical artists

Musical entertainment and concerts are not a hobby, but a profession practised with passion and competence by experienced musicians with a love of jazz!

An extensive jazz repertoire

Cordology declines jazz in various genres: American swing (‘30s – ‘40s – ‘50s), flamboyant gypsy jazz, eastern music, French songs (instrumental), film music.

A violinist

A violin adds a rare touch to your party: Grappelli-style swing and eastern European music.

A full jazz band

The Quartet package (4 musicians) offers a varied musical palette with a solid rhythmic base and 4 soloists who take turns! A larger jazz group (quintet), but also a smaller and more intimate one (trio) can be chosen with other packages.

Musical entertainment: what does it involve?

Musical entertainment consists of dressing up your event musically, with finesse and discretion. Dinner, cocktail party, wedding, prize-giving ceremony, afterwork, birthday party, inauguration: Cordology will enchant your audience with authentic and festive music, but discreet enough to allow your guests to chat comfortably.

We appreciate the exchange with the public, this is what motivates us to participate in the celebration or organization of private family events. Our group of musicians particularly loves encounters, it is for us the opportunity to blend and adapt naturally to each context, each type of party with its own concept. Playing is also listening: we know how to tune in to the atmosphere and the moment. Our sensitivity allows us to perceive the different moments of the evening, when the moment lends itself rather to a romantic and relaxed stroll, or a more rhythmic melody, catching the attention.

With the Cordology jazz group, you are dealing with sincere artists, and at the same time serious service providers who are committed and know how to take your request into account with responsiveness.

Musical animation in Alsace

Preparing the musical performance up to the big day

Preparation of musical performance

Your particular needs and wishes are carefully taken into account through careful preparation, from before your event to the last days of your party.

We choose the right formula together. We work out the practical details. Right up to the date of your event, we give you responsive and precise answers to your questions and concerns.

What happens on the day of your event?

On the day, we adapt to your party: we participate in the atmosphere of your event throughout the cocktail party, dinner and the entire festivities.

Does your party start a little late or extend a little unexpectedly? We respond to the unexpected with a smile.

You have planned the location of the orchestra outside, but the weather is threatening? We plan together a sheltered or indoor location depending on the configuration of the reception area or private home.

Jazz band for private event

Rates for our jazz events

What do our jazz entertainment services include?

Whatever your specific requests, in all cases:

  • Includes sound system: Lightweight, high-end amplification to respect the natural sound of the instruments. The sound is adapted and adjusted to the acoustics of the venue for a pleasant and balanced sound. Our equipment and the adjustments made guarantee a faithful sound without high volume.
  • Travel of the musicians to the performance site Arrival of the musicians one hour before the scheduled start of the event. The orchestra travels in France, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg.
  • An appointment prior to the day of the event at the client’s place (optional) 20 km around Strasbourg
  • Customised requests at extra cost: Specific pieces out of the repertoire, extension of the animation duration, additional pre-event appointments.

How long does the jazz band play? Is it paid by the hour?

Musicians are not paid by the hour. We offer “3 hours max” packages, with different formulas, from trio to quintet. It doesn’t matter if we play for one, two or three hours! On the day, we adapt to the actual duration of the cocktail party, and play jazz from the beginning to the end of your vin d’honneur (in practice, the cocktail party lasts 2 hours on average). In the case of a longer evening, lunch, dinner, birthday party, the 3 hours package can be fully used. In reality, in the service you order, there is of course the concert or the musical entertainment on the day, but there is also, first of all, a preparation during the weeks or months preceding the day:

  • The organisation to prepare the modalities of your event or concert and the practical details
  • Physical and telephone or videoconference appointments

Then, on the day of the musical performance, a full day of work is required, including:

  • The journey from home to the concert
  • The unloading of the equipment
  • Installation time
  • The cocktail party, dinner, lunch, buffet dinner or lunch, dinner (“3-hours package”)
  • Uninstallation
  • Journey from concert to home

These are all elements that we must take into account in order to offer you a suitable tariff.

How much does it cost?

Are you wondering how much you should budget for a jazz band? Our rates for 3 or 4 musicians are in line with the average rates charged for this type of activity (in the same order of magnitude as a DJ or photographer, for example). This remains competitive, given that 3 or 4 (or more) service providers make up the orchestra that will perform the entertainment or concert. On this subject, beware of very high prices… or, on the contrary, of tempting prices that may reveal an approach and a level that are not always very professional, especially from people who are not professional musicians but who look for a “complementary activity” …

So how much does it cost to hire a jazz band? The price depends mainly on the number of musicians and the formula, as well as the distance to the venue. The all-inclusive price depends in all cases to a large extent on your project and the type of service. We are here to take your wishes into account to offer you the formula that suits you, which then allows us to propose a suitable price.

So don’t waste any more time! Contact us, tell us what you want, and we will propose the packages that will make your event a success, for a fair price. We will then send you a detailed estimate.

With Cordology, you are dealing with complete and passionate artists as well as service providers who are attentive to your needs and carefully prepared.