Orchestra for your secular or religious wedding ceremony: Music that reflects you at the time of your union

You are planning a wedding ceremony to celebrate and seal your union in front of all those you love? This solemn and moving moment is accompanied by our musicians with our formulas of classical music (Schubert, Mozart…) or baroque (Bach, Vivaldi…).

A guitar and violin duet, or a violin with a church organ: we organize with the future bride and groom what they dream of for their ceremony. We elaborate with you, together, an instrumental music which looks like you.

Cordology orchestra will travel to your secular or religious wedding ceremony in Alsace, but also in the rest of France and in Germany, in Switzerland and Luxembourg.

A church organ and violin duo for a moving ceremony music

During the religious ceremony, the titular organist of the church of your marriage can form a duet with the violin. This form of duet is ideal in a church setting where the violin and organ are combined. Listen to excerpts recorded live during a wedding ceremony in the church of Saint-Georges in Sélestat. We can consider other original configurations, as far as possible!

For example, the Cordology jazz combo has already had the opportunity to collaborate with musicians who are friends of the bride and groom, proposed by the latter, to form an ephemeral ensemble that moved those present. Thus, the conviviality and beautiful surprises for the bride, groom and all their relatives are combined with the rigour of the musicians and the high standards of the art.

Of course, this is equally true for secular ceremonies, indoors or outdoors.

Musical performance at a wedding ceremony

Early preparation for an unforgettable wedding ceremony

Preparation of a musical entertainment for a wedding ceremony

Even if the musical interventions during a wedding ceremony are generally few (one, two or three pieces at the key moments you choose), they must be carefully selected and programmed. This preparation begins several months before the big day, as soon as you know the date of the ceremony. We make ourselves available for this. Face-to-face meetings, or by phone, video conference (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Skype) will be necessary as much as possible to “tune up”!

Early preparation is even more important in the case of pieces that are not part of the repertoire known by all the musicians. In this case, it will involve some musical fine-tuning with additional cost to the service.

Everything you need to know before booking our band for your religious or secular wedding ceremony

What should I think about when preparing the musical entertainment for the ceremony?

The organisation covers the following aspects:

  • Choice of instruments and musicians: church organist, Cordology violinist or guitarist, particular musician proposed by the bride and groom
  • Number of pieces
  • Choice of pieces and style of music: classical or baroque, French song, religious theme (gospel, negro spiritual, christian song), romance, ballad…
  • Times when pieces are played: The entrance of the bride and groom? The exchange of consent? The exchange and blessing of the wedding rings? The signing of the registers? …

Musical entertainment made to measure and integrated into your moment

The preparation and organisation are done between the different actors involved in the organisation of your ceremony: the musicians, the wedding planner and the officiant of the religious or lay ceremony. The whole process is supervised and coordinated by the bride and groom and their family. You can count on us to propose our ideas, to help you in your choices and finally to integrate us in the scenario of your ceremony. During all the preparation phase we stay available with a listening ear. Our goal is to help you organize your wedding and make it as light and easy for you as possible!

Let’s discuss your project together! We will promptly answer your questions and always with great pleasure.