Jazz band for your wedding, cocktail, birthday and private party

Music brings people together and creates a bond, opens the mind, relaxes the atmosphere and enlivens the moment. It will touch your guests at your wedding or private party. Having a real jazz band, real musicians, real instruments is so much more than listening to a pre-programmed playlist. Cordology comes to your events in Alsace, but also in all France, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

You are going to please your family and friends and awaken the heartstrings!

Musical entertainment for a wedding

What styles does the Cordology jazz band play?

The music of our combo is a jazz style close to manouche jazz (gypsy jazz style) played only by string instruments, no percussion or wind instruments. Easy to listen to, it is suitable for all ages. Cheerful, bucolic, catchy, it softens the mood and simply makes you want to smile.

Our music is all about jazz! Swing manouche, American jazz from the 50s (instrumental versions of songs from Frank Sinatra’s repertoire), vintage jazz, lively, romantic, authentic and festive.

Listen to large excerpts, in the studio or on the spot during animations.

On what occasions would you want to call on the Cordology jazz band ?

Apart from weddings where the Cordology jazz band is very popular during the cocktail party or the vin d’honneur, there is no lack of festive moments in a private setting. The jazz band can be set up and adapted to any type of venue, at home or in a private room or restaurant.

  • Anniversary party
  • Wedding anniversary (silver wedding, golden wedding…)
  • Housewarming party
  • Garden party
  • New Year’s Eve party
  • Banquet, reception, dinner or lunch buffet
  • Religious Event, funeral
Jazz band for a wedding

Symbiosis between the jazz band and your wedding or private party

The Cordology jazz band

Creating a joyful atmosphere, conveying emotions by paying attention to what’s going on around us, detecting the right moments for catchy rhythms or a romantic stroll: your wedding day is carried by melodies and styles that will guide the magic of each moment. All along, our music will accompany you to write beautiful memories.

Everything you need to know before booking our band for the musical entertainment of your wedding or private party

Weddings: When is the best time of the party for background music?

The best time for a discreet jazz atmosphere at your party, for a wedding or for example a private birthday party, is the cocktail party, also called the aperitif or the vin d’honneur. At private parties and weddings, our Cordology trio precedes the dinner and the dance party, which is often hosted by a DJ or dance band.

The wedding cocktail is the first festive moment where everyone is present and can share their emotions and happiness, talk and laugh together, after a ceremony officiating the union of the bride and groom.

But musical entertainment by Cordology can enhance the party over a longer period of time, during the buffet or dinner, or at midday for the cocktail, lunch and during a good part of the afternoon.

Where does the jazz band set up? What do they need?

Whether it is in a private restaurant, a reception venue rented for the occasion, a party room, outdoors or indoors, the musicians adapt to your private party or wedding and set up autonomously and quickly. You mainly need to find the right place to locate the band, in the shade if outside (wall, arbour or tree), on a surface of 6 to 8 m².

Our light sound system makes the sound intelligible even outdoors, without needing to raise the volume. It perfectly balances the respective levels of our delicate string instruments! We have a lot of experience in adjusting the sound in any situation and make sure that the tone is pleasant and not intrusive.

Won’t the orchestra play too loudly?

The conversations of your guests should not be disturbed by the music, as is unfortunately often the case. The sound of the orchestra is discreet, velvety, warm and allows the guests to talk to each other with ease, without being bothered at all by the volume.

We pay particular attention to the comfort of our clients. This is a key aspect of the musical entertainment business, one of the essential elements of the success of your party.

Our advice: Make your reservation as soon as possible!

Book your providers very early! Schedules fill up quickly. Saturdays are still traditionally very busy for weddings, so the band must be booked well in advance for that day of the week.

Of course, the jazz band works all week, from Monday to Sunday. This gives you the flexibility to choose the right day and time to bring your friends and family to your party!

Weddings: How to integrate a musical service in your party budget?

The wedding is a unique moment, one of the most beautiful days of a couple’s life. More prosaically, it is also a project to manage (budget, choice of service providers, venue rental…). Dear bride and groom, integrate your “jazz cocktail budget” at the very beginning of your planning and as soon as you start looking for suppliers. We have encountered a number of cases where future brides and grooms were so disappointed in the end because orders for other key items like venue, caterer were placed in priority and isolation leaving no budget for our musical entertainment!

Perhaps you are still at the beginning of your research? We offer you a selection of recommended service providers located in Alsace: DJs, photographers and caterers. They are professionals that we know well and they will be happy to answer you. If these providers fit you and they are available, you will save a lot of time searching.

Let’s discuss your project together! We will promptly answer your questions and always with great pleasure.