Do you have a practical question
about our musical entertainment?

Do you offer a wedding package?

Yes, a “2 hours max” package for the reception or dinner.

Do you propose a musical repertoire?

We have a repertoire of jazz, songs, film music, waltzes, light music.

Is it possible to request songs that are not in your repertoire?

Yes, for a small extra charge.

Do you have your own sound equipment?

Yes, we install and adjust our own sound equipment. This is part of the package. The sound equipment is used to enhance the acoustic sound and to balance the instruments, all without disturbing the conversations.

Do you provide dance floor lighting?

Our jazz services are provided in a standing cocktail or seated dinner context, but not in a dance band context. For an additional fee, it is possible (optionally) to set up a stage and lighting for the musicians, on request.

Do you provide sound for the vin d’honneur (background music)?

Yes, this is included in the package.

Who should take care of the SACEM?

The organizer takes care of declaring the songs for the SACEM if necessary.

Do you need any special equipment or conditions to work in?

Not much 🙂

  • A minimum of 6 square metres of identified and physically marked out space.
  • 3 or 4 chairs without armrests ready on the site.
  • An electrical outlet on the orchestra site (via wall socket or extension cord).
How much preparation time do you need?

We set up quickly (20 minutes). However, in order to prevent any unforeseen eventuality, we arrive at least one hour before the start of the performance.

How long does the service last?

Our package covers 2 hours, but this can be adjusted.

Is it possible to design a customised animation?

Up to a certain point, especially for a wedding ceremony, and for a specific service outside the package.

Do you provide background music for the vin d’honneur?

The vin d’honneur is exactly the key moment of the party when clients (especially for weddings) call on us.

Do you accept to provide your services outdoors?

Yes, of course we do! We can adapt to any situation, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Do you charge by the hour or by the event?

We bill by event. The «2 hours max»package meets almost all needs.

How much do you charge for overtime?

We do not offer overtime. Of course, if there is a small overrun of 15 or 20 minutes on the evening of the event, for a cocktail party that would be prolonged at the time, we do not charge extra. We limit our packages to a maximum of 3 hours.

What makes you different from others?
  • The approach: REALLY professional musicians, music is their one and only job, full time!
  • An orchestra dedicated to entertainment
  • An elegant, classical configuration based on string instruments.
What do you offer that is original?

A very varied repertoire: American swing (‘30s – ‘40s – ‘50s), flamboyant gypsy-style jazz, eastern music, bolero, bossa nova, waltzes, light music, film music, classical and baroque music.

How is the payment made?
  • A deposit is paid when the order is placed
  • The balance is paid on the date of the service at the latest