The Cordology jazz band on stage: concert, festival, trade fair and gala

You represent a cultural centre, a local authority, a jazz club, you are the organiser of a festival or manager of a concert hall… and you are organising a festive and cultural event in Alsace, in the rest of France or abroad? The Cordology jazz combo offers you adapted solutions: concerts or musical animations with 3 or 4 musicians, we adapt to your event.

The jazz group performs at festivals, on stages in city cultural centres and in jazz cellars. Let’s mention : Let’s mention : Au Grès du Jazz (festival of la Petite Pierre), Les Estivales de Mundolsheim, Un soir d’été en la Chapelle (Gerbamont), La Chartreuse de Molsheim.

Concert at the silver pyramid ceremony in Strasbourg

A tailor-made jazz atmosphere for any event

We prepare a personalized and varied setlist corresponding to the duration and the atmosphere of the concert.

This includes pieces from the jazz swing repertoire, some typical manouche pieces in passing, French heritage songs, rearranged for our band… all set to a jazz rhythm that remains the DNA of the band!

On stage, we like to interact with the audience, talk about our music, evoke the genesis of the pieces we play and anecdotes from the history of music.

A jazz band in Trio or Quartet Package

The Cordology jazz band is a trio! But a quartet package is also possible, subject to the availability of the musicians.

Contact us and we will call you back quickly to discuss the technical aspects and any other practical aspects, for a good anticipation and preparation of the concert!